Note: Science Fiction film titles

Apple’s iTunes service had over 2,500 films available under the category of science fiction when I last checked. I ran an analysis of the most common words in the titles of those films, and here were the top 10 results, in order of frequency (not counting franchise series titles, like Marvel’s “Agents of Shield”):

  1. Time
  2. Man
  3. Earth
  4. Unknown
  5. Dark
  6. Alien
  7. Star
  8. Space
  9. Planet
  10. World

The word “Future” was much farther down the list, coming after words like “Dead”, “Apocalypse,” and even “Spielberg”. (I also looked at film director names.)

Based on that list, here is the ultimate science fiction movie title:

“The Time of Man on Earth: the Unknown Dark — like an Alien Star in Space — How our Planet became a World.”

It almost makes sense — and almost sounds like a summary of how some people view the era of humanity’s ascendancy on the “Third Rock from the Sun.”

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